About Holden Pilates

Holden Pilates - Upright Hold

Holden Pilates is a studio that considers the specific needs of each of our clients. We understand that sessions are most effective when tailored to the individual and as an individual our needs may change day to day. Our instructors share an open and compassionate outlook. That does not mean we won’t challenge you! We are physical trainers first and foremost. We all have a deep regard and respect for Joe’s method and are well informed about the additional contributions of each of the Pilates elders. In fact we strive to stay informed about the past, present and future contributions to our industry.

In our studio we offer the following equipment:

  • Gratz: cadillac, reformer, and Wunda chair
  • Peak Pilates: cadillac, towers, reformers, Wunda and high chairs, spine correctors, ladder barrel, small barrels, and pedi-pole.
  • Balanced Body: reformer, chairs, spine corrector, and foot and toe correctors.

Like our choice for studio apparatus, our instructor training is diverse. Our teachers are comprehensively trained in Power Pilates, Peak Pilates, Core Dynamics Pilates, the Midwest Pilates Institute, and Balanced Body. Our teaching staff is curious and inclusive, and we often share the best of our individual training with one another.

With a four student capacity, group classes are intimate, and therefore hold a high standard in safety, challenge, and fun.

If you are new to our instructors or studio, please consider a private session so that we may support your Pilates efforts and subsequent goals most safely and effectively.