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Caroline Holden

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I believe the human body possesses an innate wisdom and purity of purpose. With the use of intentional movement, mindful patience, and a light-hearted approach, I endeavor to reawaken this natural and healthy state in each of my clients.

Pilates supports the body and is very low impact. I can work on this technique until my final breath. I hope to create a community of movers from all walks of life and believe that I have learned as much from my clients as they’ve learned from me.

The framework of my movement/teaching history is as follows:  I attended dance and conditioning through the North Carolina school of the Arts, Pilates at summer intensives with the American Dance Festival, the Parsons Dance Company, and as a scholarship student with the London Contemporary Dance Center. I began my teaching at UW Madison as an adjunct instructor in Pilates and contemporary dance. For the years following, I have been a Pilates and or Yoga instructor at the Monkey Bar Gym, Georgie’s Pilates Loft (a primarily Peak Pilates studio), Kehl’s School of Dance, Stoughton Center for the Performing Arts, Pilates at Quarry Arts, Bliss Flow Yoga, The Studio, Harbor Wellness, and Madison Pilates (where I held a teacher training position for Midwest Pilates Institute). Most recently, I guest instructed Yoga and Pilates classes at Santani Resort and Spa in Sri Lanka.

I was initially certified in mat with Physicalmind Institute and am comprehensively trained by Core Dynamics Pilates under the tutelage of second generation instructor Michelle Larson. I earned a comprehensive Yoga certification from the Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica as well as attending teacher training in Anusara Yoga under Christina Sell.


Sarah Vonck-Mendelin

Sarah Vonck-Mendelin

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I fell in love with Pilates the moment I was introduced to the reformer. Pilates helped me to restore strength, flexibility, and posture after two pregnancies and a career that required long hours at a computer.  After practicing as a student for a few years I wanted to share the benefits of Pilates with others. I completed my 450-hour comprehensive certification through Peak Pilates in 2017. Clients can expect a session that is based on the classical Pilates method with personalized variations and modifications that are supportive, challenging, and fun!

I truly believe that Pilates is for everybody. To better serve clients of every age and fitness level, I am currently enrolled in the Discover-Move-Inspire Masters in Pilates Teaching Program in Austin, Texas, which takes an in-depth look at teaching techniques for youth, seniors, pregnancy, and musculoskeletal injuries. In addition to my Pilates certification, I also earned a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Michigan in 2001.

Jane Camerini

Jane Camerini

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Mind and body practices have been a central part of my life for half a century. I’m certified in both Yoga and Pilates and have taught on-and-off for nearly 40 years, although the majority of that time I spent as a historian of science.  Since 2002 I have returned to a serious study of Pilates, and for the two years prior to joining the team at Holden Pilates, I instructed at Jules Pilates.  Until recently, I pursued natural horsemanship and taught Pilates to my fellow riders.  I depend on a regular Pilates practice to keep doing the things I enjoy – hiking, dog-walking, and gardening.  But sharing the life-enhancing benefits of Pilates is at the top of my list of favorite activities.

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Juliana Lehman

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My personal introduction to Pilates came at a young age, after developing a degree of scoliosis. The best recommendation for improvement and stabilization for my spine included a trifecta of dance, swimming, and Pilates. After a career as a professional ballerina, which included hours of Pilates to balance and cross-train my body. My move north became the ideal time to further my education of Pilates at the Holden Pilates studio. I am thrilled to encourage and guide others through their own Pilates transformations. I am trained through Balanced Body and am delighted to be included in the Instructors lineup. I hope to approach each session with creativity, attention to detail, and a calm focus.

I relocated from the Nashville Area and find Madison a welcome return to my Midwestern roots.